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KURU 2.0

By ZC (TheRedPillRx.wordpress.com)

Kuru is transmitted through ritualistic cannibalism.

Kuru ultimately leads to death. It basically messes up your muscles where you lose control of them. This is the reason we keep seeing Hillary falling.

Hillary has been showing many of the three stages of death by Kuru. The clinical progression of kuru is divided into three specific stages, the ambulant, sedentary and terminal stages. There is some variation in these stages between individuals but you can bet Hillary has the means to fight it more then most.

In the first (ambulant) stage Hillary did exhibit unsteady stance and gait, decreased muscle control, tremors, difficulty pronouncing words (dysarthria), and titubation. Then it got worse.

In the second (sedentary) stage, Hillary was having trouble walking without support and suffered ataxia and severe tremors. This is where we were first seeing pictures of her being helped by her handlers going up and down stairs or even into her car.

I think Hillary was at this stage during the election and was the main reason we didn’t see her much. She was showing signs of emotional instability and depression, yet we would see her in front of the camera doing uncontrolled and sporadic laughter. More symptoms of Kuru for this stage.

In the third and final (terminal) stage is 

where they start having problems of sitting without support. I think that is why we are seeing Hillary wearing that body brace under her clothes lately. If we start noticing she is losing weight then we know she has developed dysphagia or difficulty swallowing which can lead to severe malnutrition. She will starve to death then. Hillary could/or already is incontinent but she sure has not come to the point where she has lost the ability or will to speak yet. She just won’t shut up. I hope she gets arrested before Kuru kills her or she suicides first.

I guess we just watch and see if she starts getting skinny. Towards the end of the terminal stage Hillary could develop chronic ulcerated wounds that can be easily infected. If so, she could die within three months to two years after the first terminal stage symptoms, often because of pneumonia or infection. Remember that picture of that sore in her mouth? Has the clock been ticking all along?


Note from the Red Pill Doctor:

Who else could be suffering from Kuru?

Listen to the Mad rants and lies coming from the White House Traitors and the Vampires in Hellywood. It will shock you as to how deep this Cannibal Satanic Petovore ring is. 

Their secrets are soon to be totally revealed, and they are frantic, trying to make our Great President Donald Trump look like the bad guy. A typical Communist strategy.

Do you think that “The Godfather” George H Bush has advanced case of Kuru? He is in a wheelchair and has memory problems and not from age. I think it came from adrenochrome. 

Have you noticed how Bill Clinton looks like death warmed over one day and on another day just looks like an old fart but not decaying.

 Have you noticed how Adam Schiff looks like his eyes will pop out of his head. Could this be Adrenochrome or Walnut Sauce?

These people are Sick, just like Q has said. We need to investigate further.

Do these people have a soul? You have to wonder. How can they go around killing and eating Humans? Are they Human?


Nancy stops by her good friend Tony to borrow a cup of adrenochrome
NP: “Are we having Pizza or Hotdogs?”

BHO: I love this Pizza, we bring them in shipping containers

Adrenochrome causes KURU or AIDS?

All suffering from Kuru, hence the psychopathic laughter and Alzheimer’s symptoms



BREAKING: Putin Just Warned Trump of Globalist Plot to Destroy America – Hillary Secrets Exposed

BREAKING: Putin Just Warned Trump of Globalist Plot to Destroy America- Hillary Secrets Exposed

BREAKING: Putin Just Warned Trump of Globalist Plot to Destroy America- Hillary Secrets Exposed

InspoNews – Federico News & Music Channel

Published on Jul 16, 2018

BREAKING: Has the MSM Media, Dems and “Never Trumper”: RINO’s all gone mad? We released this Video PRIOR to the Helsinki meeting to validate the forward looking aspect of InspoNews & the prophetic insight God has given us which more & more people everywhere are taking very seriously. We predicted that Putin would reveal from his end- the conspiracy of Deep State NWO to destroy the MAGA movement and President Trump & ant possible partnership between 2 great nations – we saw Brennan’s and all the MSM clammer the past 2 days for fear of being further revealed by God and by his servant leader PDJT as traitors and felons- the Hillary 400 million accessed & facilitated through our corrupt US INTEL community of which 95% are treasonous globalist holdovers from Bush Neocon-Hillary- Obama Trump hating- national sovereignty hating globalists – we tell you the news before the news because God already sees future -past present future are complete in Him and HE will reveal the undercurrents of evil and truth to those who seek truth … (fc)

The left wing amoral godless hypocrites – like Adam Schiff & Hillary Clinton & the dark vision for America they keep trying to represent, has absolutely no moral high ground to preach to President Trump or President Putin! They are immoral hypocrites who want to destroy the world with their globalist tyranny – with the wanton murder of millions of the unborn, with same sex marriage & special benefits for LGBTQ , with cramming transgender life style down the mouths of our kindergarten- through K-12 children, with unsafe open borders etc. Sadly, these NWO tyrants want us to be tolerant of them, but they do not want to be tolerant of our us or our precious US Constitution. They are NOT tolerant of the moral laws of Christianity. As Vlady Putin as recently said at a grand speech in Sochi, the globalists are indeed in an all out war with Christianity and Western Civilization. THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE of angry LGBTQ, Left wing Socialists & Islam are working together in conjugation to form states within a State and to usurp and destroy the host nations from within – willfully changing time honored laws and traditional family values, destroying our ways of life in what was formerly a Christian culture. Luciferian globalist billionaires like George Soros support OPEN SOCIETY. multiculturalism and mass diaspora movements as well as “borderless world, ” — they destructively support anti-national sovereignty geo -political doctrines- all inimical to out nation’s well being and at war with our US Constitution. The left wing felons in the DNC in DC did all they could to undermine the Russian-US Summit – to destroy our President’s credibility – to obstruct any progress of the safety and prosperity of the American & Russian people. They are demented, haters and dividers spreading their lies everywhere while they seek to cover up and hide their own REAL treason, sedition, obstruction of justice and felonies against the people of America. But President Putin will be meeting with President Trump ALONE for 3 hours. Our people tell us that Putin has come Deep State- Hillary- Obama secrets to reveal regarding everything from the Uranium One deal to her 33,000 missing emails possibly. Hillary is no friend to Putin as she tried to destroy him as SOS in 2009 & 2011 fomenting revolution im Moscow and trying to usurp a stable and friendly gov of Slavic brothers to their south- Ukraine. She and Obama tried to cut off the Russian Navy’s access to the Black Sea and Med by puttin in the hands of a adversarial pro EU fascist globalist government which she tried to get to overthrow Putin’s trusted ally in Kiev. The good news is that God is with Donald Trump and he is fully aware of the former administrators unfair and hypocritical polices. Look for this Summit to be even more successful then the NOKO Summit with North Korea last month in Singapore. The President is starving the Democrats and RINO liberal Republicans. If he keeps moving forward on behalf of cutting better deals for the American people- if we all get out and support the local candidates running for office these Midterm Elections – then truly we can accomplish the MAGA agenda and fulfill even our most wildest dreams – God is willing. But the question remains for the patriots- are we willing to stand and fight with this President to restore America to it’s former greatness. 

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Putin Reveals New “Idea” For Solving Mueller Probe- CLEVER!!!

Putin Reveals New “Idea” For Solving Mueller Probe- CLEVER!!! Press Conference Decoded

Truth and Art TV

Published on Jul 17, 2018
Truth and Art TV patriot update videos

Press conference with President Trump and President Vladimir Putin answering questions from journalists.



Sealed indictments by state:


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Why should you trust Sessions? Q anon wants you to read this article up to 100 times slowly, carefully and stopping after each sentence. This will answer the question.


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Member of the Muslim Brotherhood – Paid by George Soros to distroy America
So he has run Home to Kenya and will try to hide
Obama’s Birth Certificate – BTW: He isn’t American

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“Admiral Mike Rogers is Working with the Alliance”

“Admiral Mike Rogers is Working with the Alliance”

Posted By: RumorMail

Date: Wednesday, 11-Jul-2018 11:41:13

From Reader Maryhrt

Arthur: “Remember I told you there was a military coup that began in June of 2015? Admiral Mike Rodgers told Obama, “Go f— yourself. We are not relinquishing ten of our aircraft carriers to NATO.” He was director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and he became director of the NSA after the Snowden leaks. Mike Rodgers effectively took Obama out and put Trump in, in a manner of speaking.

Admiral Rodgers got a hold of Trump and said, “Look, you have to step in as president.” The organization I told you about, the Star State, the very small group where you have to swear to defend the Constitution, with mostly Christians and patriots — this very small group, I have a sneaking suspicion that Admiral Rogers might be the head of it.

So Rodgers says to Trump, “Look, the SEAL Teams, special forces, dark ops, and the Green Berets have your back. We’ll post a list of the 6,782 people that should die if anything happens to you if you become president.”

Remember I said all of this last year? The list we’re talking about includes the Illuminati, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, G8, the Satanists.

He said, “We’ll kill all of them if they lay a finger on you. We want you to run for president.” Trump said, “Alright, let’s see what I can do.” And of course he only spent his money on the campaign. He was self-funded so the Dark State couldn’t stop him.

Obama got wind of the Star State contacting Trump. Obama knew the military coup was going on. So Obama said, “I’ll just get all of the information, I’ll get Mueller, Rosenstein, I’ll get the skunks, I’ll wipe Trump off the face of the Earth. One problem: Mike Rodgers shuts down Obama’s access from the White House to the NSA. He shut it down. If he can’t get to the NSA, what’s he going to do?

Obama has a plant in the NSA. He has another plant in the DOJ. One of them is Mr. Or and the other is Mrs. Or. A Husband and wife team.

He says, “You keep feeding Mrs. Or the information that she wants from the DOJ and I’ll get rid of this son of a b— Trump.” They discovered the back channel. Direct order from Obama: “He gets executed for treason, high crimes against the government, initiating a military coup, sedition. He gets the guillotine, beheaded, it’s over.”

Remember I told you that if you have a 200 foot anaconda in the swamp that you want to remove, you have to cut off it’s food source?

When this investigation started with Trump’s presidency, they had nothing. Mostly. They didn’t know how corrupt Mueller was, Rosenstein, Imran Awan, Jeffrey Emil [not sure of this name], other players, other CEOs. And it builds. Everyone is so worried about Mueller. Trump can put Mueller in prison with one phone call.

Mueller covered Whitey Bulger who was the FBI informant contact in Boston for 20 years. He let Whitey Bulger out after he knew he was a criminal murderer. And the five men that were wrongfully imprisoned for the crimes that Bulger committed, Mueller left them in prison for five more years.

Admiral Mike Rodgers is working with the Alliance and he will be known as one of the saviors of the United States.

So here is what Sessions has been up to. He decides to stand back and take all the heat, to be a lightning rod, to get called all the names, all the while he is rewriting the Uniform Code of Military Justice to deal with politicians who commit treason and sedition.

Trump has been going along with all of this and has been allowing Sessions to look useless. Trump signed three executive orders regarding national security threats on the 21st, 23rd, and 27th, I believe. I told you about this.

You need to understand something. If there are three national security threats that haven’t been answered in 90 days or addressed by Congress or Senate, it takes one signature of one man on Earth to turn America into Martial Law. We’re passed the 90 day hurdle.

Now, regarding all of these Walmarts that are being converted and all of the new FEMA camps… Where are you going to put over 40,000 of the world’s worst criminals once the indictments are unsealed? You can’t fit them all in GTMO even though it’s being expanded.”

I was just reading that the Alliance has plans to basically reclaim all of the stolen assets and the trillions of dollars that have been funneled into Deep State programs and create a debt jubilee on the other side of this mess. The Alliance wants to return every penny to the people. This was coming from some of the highest sources that I follow.

Arthur: “With the money that Obama stole in his presidency, every household in America could have gotten $250,000. Where did the money go?”

But you haven’t heard anything about the Alliance’s plans to return the stolen funds back to the American people?

Arthur: “No. I don’t know if it can be. That might just be a dream. I don’t know one way or the other.

I don’t know how far this is going to go. Are we going to take apart the Federal Reserve? Are we going to take apart the Internal Revenue Service? Are we going back on the Gold Standard? Are we going to take out of existence the Artificial Person that is represented by your name in capital letters on all of your legal documents which gets traded on the Stock Exchange?”

You’re speaking about Maritime Admiralty Law. The Artificial Person is created the moment the Natural Person is born and it is represented by the birth certificate.

Arthur: “So my next question is, if we take out the Illuminati, is there any money owed to anybody? And who’s the man that has been saying to invest in silver for months?

First was Net Neutrality. What you’ll see next is Trump passing legislation around truthful reporting in the media. I think you’re going to see Patty Hearst, Bernadine Dohrn, and Billy Ayers try to commit terrorism again. They might be blocked, they might even be in the Sealed Indictments. Bill Clinton was the one who pardoned Patty Hearst. I think they’re going to try more of the blood rituals and virgin sacrifices with school shootings. I think you’re going to see total chaos. Then Trump is going to say, “We’re going to Martial Law. Thank you.”

Here’s the craziest part. I remember back in 2015 all of the conspiracy theories started circulating regarding dozens or hundreds of mysterious Walmart closures. People saw FEMA trucks outside, unmarked deliveries, leaked pictures of strange remodeling on the interior. I would be surprised if after all that, they were used for housing the Deep State. I mean what a twist of irony.

Arthur: “Well, you give me a better hypothesis and I’ll change my mind. I know that you think I oversimplify things. It’s an IO’s way of staying alive.”

Secret Societies is how they infiltrate and take over

The Treason goes far beyond what we would ever want to know

Their password = Pizza or Hot dog or Walnut Sause
Podesta Morbid Art collection and at Comet Pizza

Snuff Films for Sick Pedovores

They make​ the children or babies scared to retrieve the Adrenaline (Adrenochrome  they are addicted to it)

We ran out of chewing gum! Lets clean the Swamp!

Also pray for our White Hats, our Military and all good people

Note from the Red Pill Doctor:

The pictures don’t barely cover the insanity and filth of Babylon which was about to consume the Earth.

Please watch the following video as it will lift your heart if you are on the side of the light.

This would be a Hell Hole if Hillary had won the rigged election. Yes it was rigged for her to win by many dishonest means, which shocked the bad guys when she didn’t win. Thus the book “What Happened?” was born by Hillary’s ghost writers so she could go on a book tour and try to save face with all the Dictators and Illuminati who had paid to play to take down America.

I find it rather sad that many of the people on the left who have been Brainwashed to follow this High Witch have no idea that Hillary is loyal to NO ONE. The history of her bone closet is friends, fellow workers, people who helped finance her or murder for her, she will not allow anyone to stand in her way.


What Would Have Happened?

Trust The Plan

Rush Limbaugh – Harvard and The Deep State

Rush Limbaugh – Harvard and The Deep State

Posted By: RumorMail

Date: Thursday, 12-Jul-2018

Harvard, Yale and all of the Ivy League crap, work with intelligence agencies.


Rush Limbaugh relates an interesting article about the linkage between Ivy League schools and The Deep State — one that even transcends partisan politics. http://www.LibertyPen.com

Mueller has Long History of Diversions and Cover-Ups

Mueller has Long History of Diversions and Cover-Ups
By Kevin Ryan 

What some people don’t know about Mueller is that he has a long history of leading government investigations that were diversions or cover-ups. These include the investigation into the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the investigation into the terrorist financing Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), and the FBI investigations into the crimes of September 11th, 2001. Today the public is beginning to realize that Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is a similar diversion.

Mueller’s talents were noticed early in his career at the Justice Department. As a U.S. Attorney in Boston during the mid-80s, he helped falsely convict four men for murders they didn’t commit in order to protect a powerful FBI informant—mobster James “Whitey” Bulger.” According to the Boston Globe, “Mueller was also in that position while Whitey Bulger was helping the FBI cart off his criminal competitors even as he buried bodies in shallow graves along the Neponset.”

Mueller was then appointed as chief investigator of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 in Scotland. The account Mueller produced was a flimsy story that accused a Libyan named Megrahi of coordinating placement of a suitcase bomb that allegedly traveled unaccompanied through several airports to find its way to the doomed flight. Despite Mueller’s persistent defense of this unbelievable tale, Megrahi was released from prison in 2009 and died three years later in Libya.

With the Pan Am 103 case, Mueller was covering up facts related to some of the of victims of the bombing—a group of U.S. intelligence specialists led by Major Charles McKee of the Defense Intelligence Agency. McKee had gone to Beirut to find and rescue hostages and, while there, learned about CIA involvement in a drug smuggling operation run through an agency project called COREA. As TIME magazine reported, the likely explanation for the bombing, supported by independent intelligence experts, was that U.S. operatives “targeted Flight 103 in order to kill the hostage-rescue team.” This would prevent disclosure of what McKee’s team had learned. That theory was also supported by the fact that the CIA showed up immediately at the scene of the crash, took McKee’s briefcase, and returned it empty.

Mueller’s diversions led to his leadership of the Criminal Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, putting him in charge of investigations regarding BCCI. When Mueller started in that role, members of Congress and the media were already critical of the government’s approach to the BCCI affair. Mueller came into the picture telling the Washington Post that there was an “appearance of, one, foot-dragging; two, perhaps a cover-up.” Later he denied the cover-up claim and the suggestion that the CIA may have collaborated with BCCI operatives.

But again, Mueller was simply brought in to accomplish the cover-up. The facts were that BCCI was used by the CIA to operate outside of the rule of law through funding of terrorists and other criminal operatives. The bank network was at the root of some of the greatest crimes against the public in the last 50 years, including the Savings & Loan scandal, the Iran-Contra affair, and the creation of the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Mueller was instrumental in obstructing the BCCI investigation led by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. During this time, Justice Department prosecutors were instructed not to cooperate with Morgenthau. Describing Mueller’s obstruction of Morgenthau, the Wall Street Journal reported that, “documents were withheld, and attempts were made to block other federal agencies from cooperating.”

Describing Mueller’s role in the BCCI cover-up more clearly, reporter Chris Floyd wrote:

“When a few prosecutors finally began targeting BCCI’s operations in the late Eighties, President George Herbert Walker Bush boldly moved in with a federal probe directed by Justice Department investigator Robert Mueller. The U.S. Senate later found that the probe had been unaccountably ‘botched’–witnesses went missing, CIA records got ‘lost,’… Lower-ranking prosecutors told of heavy pressure from on high to ‘lay off.’ Most of the big BCCI players went unpunished or, like [Khalib bin] Mahfouz, got off with wrist-slap fines and sanctions. Mueller, of course, wound up as head of the FBI, appointed to the post in July 2001–by George W. Bush.”

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III Official Photo
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III

Yes, in the summer of 2001, when the new Bush Administration suspected it would soon need a cover-up, Mueller was brought in for the job. Although suspect Louis Freeh was FBI Director in the lead-up to the crimes, Mueller knew enough to keep things under wraps. He also had some interesting ties to other 9/11 suspects like Rudy Giuliani, whose career paralleled Mueller’s closely during the Reagan and first Bush administrations.

Under Mueller, the FBI began the whitewash of 9/11 immediately. Mueller himself lied repeatedly in the direct aftermath with respect to FBI knowledge of the accused hijackers. He claimed that the alleged hijackers left no paper trail, and suggested that they exercised “extraordinary secrecy” and “discipline never broke down.” In fact, “ring leader” Mohamed Atta went to great lengths to draw attention to himself prior to the attacks. Moreover, the evidence the accused men supposedly left behind was obvious and implausibly convenient for the FBI.

Meanwhile, Mueller’s FBI immediately seized control of the investigations at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, PA where United Flight 93 was destroyed. Under Mueller, leaders of the Bureau went on to arrest and intimidate witnesses, destroy or withhold evidence, and prevent any independent investigation. With Mueller in the lead, the FBI failed to cooperate with the government investigations into 9/11 and failed miserably to perform basic investigatory tasks. Instead, Mueller celebrated some of the most egregious pre-9/11 failures of the FBI by giving those involved promotions, awards, and cash bonuses.

As FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley later wrote with regard to 9/11, “Robert Mueller (and James Comey as deputy attorney general) presided over a cover-up.” Kristen Breitweiser, one of the four 9/11 widows known as the “Jersey Girls,” stated something similar:

“Mueller and other FBI officials had purposely tried to keep any incriminating information specifically surrounding the Saudis out of the Inquiry’s investigative hands. To repeat, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and the Bush Administration to keep incriminating Saudi evidence out of the Inquiry’s investigation.”

Supporting Breitweiser’s claims, public watchdog agency Judicial Watch emphasized Mueller’s role in the cover-up.

“Though the recently filed court documents reveal Mueller received a briefing about the Sarasota Saudi investigation, the FBI continued to publicly deny it existed and it appears that the lies were approved by Mueller.”

Photo of anthrax letter being opened at Fort Detrick facility in HazMat enclosureMueller’s FBI went on to “botch” the investigation into the October 2001 anthrax attacks. As expected, the result was a long series of inexplicable diversions that led nowhere. The anthrax attacks occurred at a time when Mueller himself was warning Americans that another 9/11 could occur at any time (despite his lack of interest in the first one). They also provided the emotional impetus for Americans and Congress to accept the Patriot Act, which had been written prior to 9/11. Exactly why Mueller’s expertise was needed is not yet known but examining the evidence suggests that the anthrax attackers were the same people who planned 9/11.

With knowledge of Mueller’s past, people can see that he is not in the news today to reveal important information about Russia and the Trump Administration. To the contrary, Mueller is in the news to divert attention away from important information and, most likely, to prevent the Trump Administration from being scrutinized in any real way.

Tony Gambino interview Vatican runs the Mafia

Tony Gambino interview Vatican runs the Mafia


NOTE from the Red Pill Doctor:

Tony Gambino interview Vatican runs the Mafia. This interview is very enlightening.

You may ask how can anyone trust what a Mafia thug says? Maybe you can’t but the information is quite compelling to say the least.

Facinating and Shocking, I had to share this. So encourage you to share. Knowledge has been hidfen for far too long, this puts you in the know of many of the mysteries that have been key topics over the years. Now we know. The truth shall set us free.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/leea1l

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Documentary-…

This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism and is believed to be “fair use” in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

Growing Up In The Satanic Illuminati: The Story of A Survivor

Growing Up In The Satanic Illuminati: The Story of A Survivor

By The Other Side of Darkness 

Beth Eckert shares her life story of being born into an occult family and indoctrinated into the Satanic Illuminati mind control programming. Warning: this video contains graphic descriptions of satanic ritual abuse and other forms of abuse. Help Support My Ministry: http://www.theothersideofdarkness.com

Help translate this video into your language! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p… 

My testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MisoS… 


About Me: Hi my name is Beth 🙂 I am an ex witch and new ager, who came out of satanic ritual abuse in the Mormon church. I am saved by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and I blog and vlog about my past experiences, what I have learned and where God is leading me. I am also a stay at home mom of 4 boys, and married to a wonderful man.

Q ANON: “Ask yourself – who is filing the indictments?”  @POTUS

Q ANON: “Ask yourself – who is filing the indictments?”

By JustInformed Talk

Q ANON: “Ask yourself – who is filing the indictments?”








(Best Speech Ever! Note by Red Pill Doctor) 


“MSM: Ask President Trump About Q Anon”

“MSM: Ask President Trump About Q Anon” 

by Sierra (NZ) – 6.30.18

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 4:44 AM 

Here is Bruce Figert’s latest video on the most recent Q Anon posts. These posts talk about how the cabal mainstream journalists are too scared to ask President Trump about Q Anon…

Q Anon post number 1643 (at 26′ 24″)…

‘We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question.
What are they waiting for?
They can end this at any time by asking POTUS, right?
We may have to “force” this one.’

As Bruce says (at 28′ 38″): ‘All they have got to do is ask the President, “Is Q real?” If they ask, they self-destruct. They KNOW it’s real.’

Q Anon describes the cabal’s desperation, and the importance of our role in helping humanity, in this excerpt from Post number 1644…

‘What do they fear the most?
Public awakening.
If they ask
They self-destruct.
They know this is real.
See attacks…
People will be lost.
People will be terrified.
People will reject.
People need to be guided.
Do not be afraid.
We will succeed.
Timing is everything…
…We are the majority (growing)
WW (world wide)
Sheep no more.

Bruce draws our attention to the Q Anon archive (at 27′ 10″). It’s an 1100 page document of every Q Anon post and image. It will be a vital resource for ‘red-pilling’ our friends and family. As Bruce says, ‘This thing is beautiful. It’s the most comprehensive news journal that I’ve ever seen. It’s magnificent.’ I agree, Bruce.

The Q Anon phenomenon is growing exponentially. The MSM will be advertising their affiliation to the cabal if they continue to ignore the Q elephant in the room…

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Terra Zetzz

LINKS IN THIS PROGRAM: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/06…
LINKS: *** THIS IS THE VIDEO YOU NEED TO WATCH – Donald Trump Campaign Video!!! *** : https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

QClearanceArchive Link: http://irc.qclearancearchive.net/02.%…

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Cool Clinton E-mail Tool: https://clinton.media.mit.edu/ 

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