Military Forcefield Off Coast Of California Discovered

Before It’s News
Military Forcefield Off Coast Of California Discovered By Researcher… Holding Moisture Back!! See It Yourself!

By Indian in the machine

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Watch whole video and 27 min. mark for forcefield discovery!

Military Forcefield Off Coast Of California Discovered By Researcher… Holding Moisture Back!!

Mike Morales is doing fine fine work for humanity… omg… you must watch his vids and see for yourself…. now we may have a literal forcefield preventing moisture from reaching california… it is strange that is for sure.

How Does A Trip To The Countryside Sound? 

Imagine… what could it be that causes our lives to greatly shift… would it be an EMP (electromagnetic pulse)? An earthquake? A volcanic eruption? Tectonic shift? Flood? Tidal wave? Dams breaking? Dam bombs? Roads blocked by mountain shifts? Nuclear spill? Unexpected high winds or unusual changes in weather? Fire of some sort? Bank system going down? An EMP could fry the electronics in vehicles… your car might work, but the roads are not working… and then what? 

What if the drugs stop coming into your community? What if you need medication? What if the illicit drugs stop? Who among you will be going through withdrawal? What all the drug addicts living all around you, would go through withdrawal at the same time? Yup, everybody on heroin, meth, cocaine, cigarettes, crack, fentanyl, opiates and more… all going through withdrawal at the same time!! 

What if people completely give up on life… how will that be? What if you are protected or not protected by Creator… will it matter? 

What if you don’t even have spare matches, let alone food for the next months ahead? What if your freezer is full but the electricity turns off for a long time? 

What if the stores go empty in less than a day? What if everybody not as prepared as you begin to go through mental breakdowns and suicides? 

The prophecy still stands that people will flee to the countryside… do you want your belongings? If you had advance time to prepare for an inevitability, would you truly prepare, or gamble on the idea that you’re just going to be taken care of? 

What if you are expecting someone else to love you, when you don’t love you? What would happen then? 

What if you are expecting to not be 100% responsible for your situation, and even if you were, there might be a crowd around you, expecting that you prepared everything for them? 

What if people are expecting others to prepare for them, then who would actually prepare? 

What if God is speaking through my words right now? What if God wanted to send you a very powerful message through me, would you receive it? 

What if you are not used to listening to God? What if you are not used to following universal law? What if you haven’t really had time for “Jesus”? What if you are not done ‘fighting’ with God? 

What if you had to lead the masses to safety? What if you are being called to lead others through these times? What if everybody is waiting for someone like you to lead them? 

What if you have to migrate by foot in the winter? What if the roads are full of bandits? 

What if people want your survival stuff? What if you are going to be tested unlike you have ever been tested before, in the history of all your previous lifetimes, and it is ‘soon’? 

What if you asked for the great test now moments before you? What about love, through all this? 

What if this is your biggest wake up call… will you wake up, completely and fully? With love.

Indian in the machine


Corey Goode: Disclosure Needs Your Spiritual Awakening | Above Majestic 

Corey Goode: Disclosure Needs Your Spiritual Awakening | Above Majestic Producer Exclusive Interview

By Edge of Wonder
Premiered Nov 9, 2018
Today on Edge on Wonder we sit down with producer and insider Corey Goode and director Roger Richards and talk about their new movie #AboveMajestic, #Disclosurefest – the mass meditation event happening in DC, the Alliance’s secret plan to take down the deep state, the division that is happening within the disclosure community, and the current situation with the Deep State.

Upon the first day of its release, the Above Majestic film became the top documentary on iTunes and Amazon.

So sit back relax and prepare for a major data dump of information entering directly in your mind.


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Midterm Election Fraud By Democrats! Share & Notify @POTUS

HWAV Exclusive: CA Poll Officer Comes Forward

Published on Nov 9, 2018

HWAV Exclusive: CA Poll Officer Comes Forward In the late afternoon of November 6, 2018.  

I put out a request for anyone that witnessed irregularities at their polling place to share their experience with me. I wanted to document as many as I was able. I felt it was essential to expose voter fraud and election manipulation as close to real-time as possible. … 
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Voter Fraud Played Into POTUS’ Hand

Published on Nov 10, 2018
Voter Fraud Played Into POTUS’ Hand If ever there was a need for the elite to divert the attention of the citizens of the United States, it’s right here and right now. Divert attention away from the nation-wide election fraud that took place on the 6th of November. Still happening as I’m hammering this out on my keyboard. ……

Trump tweets “Dems are causing stock market big headaches”

Published on Nov 12, 2018

Betsy and Thomas are thrilled to be decoding POTUS tweets from November 12, 2018.

The Trump’s are back in D.C. after a weekend in Paris where Melania looked absolutely fabulous in her amazing grey Dior suit and Macron looked boyish in his globalist speech about nationalism. Continue to educate yourself and read today’s tweets:


Huge development in the Florida election! 

A woman named Zeleena Luna got on twitter and claimed her Aunt is a captain precinct at Miami Dade County and said by tomorrow (Nov 9th) Nelson will be ahead by 5,500 votes!  In other words she just admitted her Aunt is helping to STEAL the election in Florida!   I’ve already notified Pam Bondi the Attorney General of Florida but I’m asking patriots to notify her also so the truth gets to her and everybody else! 

Send Pam an email to her office at so somebody’s email will get through!  The bad guys trash my emails so I need everybody to send an email with Subject – Election Fraud – Dade County and link to this article!  Somebody should get through if many of you get the word out!  

You can also call the Division of Elections at 850-245-6200.


Tweet to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and to @Project_Veritas!   Get the word out patriots. 

Zeleena Luna KNEW immediately she had messed up!  She deleted the TWEET and changed her Twitter to private and changed her Twitter language settings to Bulgarian to cover her tracks!   But luckily a patriot had captured it!  This is KEY information that must be investigated immediately!  Zeleena Luna and her Aunt must be investigated for election fraud right now by the FBI and DHS and Florida Attorny General and state police!  Zeleena’s aunt is a criminal who already knows how the election count would be 24 hours in advance!  FRAUD!

Here’s Broward county criminals loading and unloading ballots into private cars with no chain of custody!  We cannot let this fraud stand.  Pray against this and pray that ALL evil will be discovered and prosecuted!

Corrupt Dems Pull Race Card as Florida Electoral System Proves Fraudulent “Again”

Corrupt Dems Pull Race Card as Florida Electoral System Proves Fraudulent “Again”

Corrupt Dems Pull Race Card as Florida Electoral System Proves Fraudulent “Again”

By Conservative Resurgence

Published on Nov 11, 2018

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Broward Elections Supervisor Mixed Good and Bad Provisional Ballots. Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes contaminated about 200 valid provisional ballots by combining them with more than a dozen rejected ballots, the Miami Herald reported late Friday. The Broward canvassing board discovered the mistake when Snipes conceded to Republican attorneys’ demand that she present the board with 205 provisional ballots for inspection on Friday evening. The 205 contaminated provisional ballots were filled out by voters whose information did not appear in the databases at their respective polling stations, but whose registrations were confirmed when election workers called the Broward elections headquarters. As a result of the discrepancy, the ballots were not added to the final count and were submitted separately on Friday evening at the request of attorneys representing Governor Rick Scott, the Republican Senate candidate. 

Broward election officials have not explained how the rejected ballots were first introduced to the pool of valid ballots. “The ballots cannot be identified,” Snipes confirmed when asked about them by one of the Republican attorneys during Friday’s emergency hearing. Despite her admitted inability to extricate the rejected ballots, Snipes argued that the canvassing board should accept all 205 ballots. “It seems unfair to me to disenfranchise 205 voters at the expense of a few voters,” she said. The fate of the 205 contaminated ballots remains unclear, as there is no apparent legal remedy. Broward had to submit a final vote count by noon on Saturday, but recounts are expected in both the Senate and gubernatorial races. 

Snipes, who has previously been found guilty of violating Florida election law on two separate occasions, initially refused to disclose the number of mail-in absentee ballots that her office received but was ordered to do so on Friday night by a Florida judge. 

As the polls closed on Tuesday night, Scott was leading incumbent Democratic senator Bill Nelson by more than 50,000 votes, but that margin has since narrowed to roughly 1o,000 votes as Broward and Palm Beach Countyhave continued to report absentee ballots. The lack of transparency has invited allegations of corruption by prominent Republicans, including Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and President Trump. 

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By Truthification Chronicles

Published on Nov 11, 2018

Has Chris Wray and Dan Coats set a trap for the Dems with the midterm elections?

Do our intelligence organizations have ways to get to the truth about what we’re seeing in Florida and Texas? Will there actually be arrests this time? I think so!

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Here is just one proof of Election Tampering (rigging and stealing the Elections) 

FLORIDA VOTER Films Broward County Election Officials Transferring Ballots in Rented Truck

BREAKING: Elections Staff Accused of Filling Out Blank Ballots in Broward County

Ft. Lauderdale Voter Ballots Found In Rental Car ??? What?

Snipes CONFESSED Huge SECRET In Florida & Arizona That Dems’re HIDING!! Rep.Gaetz Just EXPOSED THIS! 

Bombshell Affidavit Surfaces- All Eyes On Broward County

OPUS 97 Florida Voter Fraud Raw

By Steve Pieczenik

Published on Nov 11, 2018

Hear me RAW on #Election #Fraud in Broward County Florida! This is home turf to former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, go figure.

Caught on Tape: An Election Official Admits “There is lots of Voter fraud”

Palm Beach Elections Observer Witnesses Infractions – Then Was Threatened With Expulsion For Speaking Out

HUGE=> Broward County Police Remove Rep. Matt Gaetz from Filming Officials Secretly Loading Boxes In/Out of Office (VIDEO)

Thank You Always!

In Appreciation to our Service Personnel, Active and Retired

Many Restaurants and Businesses around our Great Nation have Free Dinners for our Military

Here is a link with most all details. You can check your local areas for more information.

Link Click Here

New Q: Now Comes the Shift #DeclassTheFISA

New Q: Now Comes the Shift

Lori Colley

Published on Nov 7, 2018

There’s hope! Panic in DC because PAIN IS COMING with a new shift and “military strategy” Join me in a review of the latest Q posts, plus the good news from Tuesday’s elections. The Republicans are projected to lose 34 seats in the House BUT gaining 3 seats in the Senate (some contests haven’t been called yet.)

The conservatives will maintain control over the confirmation process for cabinet members, federal judges and the Supreme Court. The heads of Senate committees that have been investigating misdeeds—like the failed FBI investigation into Hillary’s illegal server and the attempted coup against the President—will stay under Republican leadership.

The oversight that was shared by House investigators will be transferred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is also tasked with providing oversight of the Department of Justice and the agencies under it, such as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

With the gain of three seats and the retirement/death of “never-Trumpers,” the Senate is now in a much stronger conservative position.

Thanks for watching and praying! Q posts: Q explanation:…

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By marinodelfino

This video was flagged by a troll and I have to deleted it. Now the complaint was sorted out with YouTube, and this awesome video is back for free viewing. Meet Karen Hudes, whose bio says she worked as an attorney at the World Bank from 1986-2007, during which time, she says, she revealed conspiracies such as one she says involved a crony of then president of the Philippines illegally taking control of a bank in that country. Hudes says that these revelations eventually led to her firing. She now makes her career as an anti-bank activist billing herself as the “World Bank Whistleblower”. Using that as her brand, Hudes has been able to build a small but devoted following among consumers of the so-called alternative media. For a news organization that is looking for ammunition in the war against banks but is not particularly concerned about accuracy, Karen Hudes presents the intriguing possibility of unfettered access to information about the unimaginable evils banks do behind closed doors. But this lack of concern about accuracy comes with a very obvious risk. What if the purported whistleblower making charges against their former employers also makes other statements which reveal that the “whistleblower” (to put it politely) is very obviously unreliable? Hudes says that the US gold reserves have been stolen by the Jesuits under the direction of a person she calls “the Black Pope” and that the US gold now resides in the Vatican. Oh, and she says that the “Black Pope” is not a human, but is of what she calls “a second species”.

 As she recently explained on a podcast: “There’s a second species on this planet. They’re not extraterrestrials. They’re very much with us. They made maps in the previous ice age. The remnants of their civilizations are all over the place – a lot of times along the coast. It’s submerged because the sea level has gone up by 400 meters. This group has large brains. 

They’re very distinct from homo sapiens. Their DNA is so different, that if the two species mated, their offspring would be infertile, and we know this because their DNA was just tested. 

They have skulls all over the place because they have been on earth with us. But after the ice age, there weren’t that many of them, so they’ve been hiding, and one of the places that’s they’ve been hiding is in the Vatican. That’s why the Vatican are wearing those miters. It turns out that that’s what the high priest wore in the early beginnings of Judaism. Moses was actually Akhenaten, who was a pharaoh. 

They know this because the papyra that was taken from one of the pyramids talks about this. The people who are doing archeology in Israel know this. And the reason is, not only is homo capensis trying to keep human beings under control by divide and conquer using our money system, they’ve also been doing this with our religions – organized religions – trying to get human beings to hate people of different religious faiths so that they will kill each other off, so that the people who are manipulating human beings could … use us like cattle. That’s what’s been going on through our history.” Hudes goes on in the interview to explain that she learned of the existence of this world-controlling, large-brained, non-human species from “a retired neurologist named Edward Spencer,” and that his views were confirmed to her by an unnamed email correspondent in Portugal who, she says, attended a meeting of large-headed hominids with inhuman blue eyes. Hudes also claims to be part of a network of whistleblowers from various financial institutions who have taken their concerns to the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions. Hudes and Spencer have also sent emails about this conspiracy to a long list of US military and government officials.


Sheeple don’t believe THEY exist… Sheeple say is a digital glitch and explain the fault. Digital HD cameras can see what humans eyes can’t… Reptilians Shapeshifters are a fact ruling Earth!!! SHAPE SHIFTERS ARE FAKE HUMANS, THEY USE HOLOGRAPHIC MASK! THEY LOOK THE SAME AS US, BUT THERE ARE NOT! THE PUPPET MASTER SATAN CONTROLS ALL POLITICIANS, MEDIA AND MUSIC INDUSTRY!!! THEY LIVE AMONG US! ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR AS YOUR SAVIOR .

Get rid of F E A R: (False Evidence Appearing Real) and AWAKE…Wake up…and see beyond the veil. Know THE TRUTH…

THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE though, first IT might upset you, for a little while. ~In Lak’ech Ala K’in~

I Am Another U! May you Be Blessed and FREE… Infinite PEACE, JOY WISDOM and Infinite LOVE ♥ LOVE-PEACE-LIGHT-ABUNDANCE-HARMONY-LIBER­TY. London, May 2016.

“THEY LIVE” was a Documentary per Roddy Piper’s Tweets: Soon afterwards, he was terminated

Note from The Red Pill Doctor:

Have you noticed how crazy the left (aka Democrats) are acting? It is hard not too. This is because they are loosing control of the Matrix and we have been their food source for eons. Either by loosh or body fluids such as blood and adrenochrome. Even our meat. Humans originally ate fruits and nuts and the grains of the fields. We were trained by the Evil Invadors to consume meat. 

NON HUMANS RULED PLANE-T EARTH, but we are receving help from the Galactics who we call the Alliance and most importantly from Our Creator Source! 


Abortion – The Truth Will Shock You

Abortion Clinic Employees — “Babies born alive daily.”

Life Dynamics Inc

Orihinally Published on May 14, 2013

Life Dynamics Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, has released an interview with three former abortion clinic workers which prove the Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, recently convicted of murder, is not an anomaly.

The interview was conducted on May 3, 2013 with clinic employees located in a different state. Though their descriptions are disturbing, the video images are non-graphic.

Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics: “While the pro-life movement claims that abortion takes the life of a living human being, nobody on earth knows that better than the people who work at abortion clinics. The lofty rhetoric of “choice” may insulate those who work in the political and public relations arena, but the day-to-day reality for those who provide those “choices” is to deal with the corpses and parts of corpses they pull out of their customers’ bodies.

Abortion clinic employee, ” I thought, well, it’s an abortion you know, that’s what he does, but I wasn’t aware that it was illegal…Most of the time we would see him where the fetus would come completely out and of course, the fetus would still be alive..”

He does a lot of huge abortions. A lot of the times, we would bring the big fetus that were over age, we would re-open the bag and just look at it and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so big!'”

Sometimes he couldn’t get the fetus out. He would yank pieces — piece by piece — when they were oversize. And I’m talking about the whole floor dirty. I’m talking about me drenched in blood.”

What we have witnessed in the Gosnell case and here in our video is the nature of the beast.

Simply put, this is Abortion!

To see more of the interview we conducted order our An American Abortion Clinic DVD, see the trailer here
Note from the Red Pill Doctor:

  • Let’s ask these suvivors of Murder by Doctor. What does this say about the Moral turpitude of their birth family? 
  • Would you rather be adopted by a family who is barren and childless?
  • What do you want to say to your murdering parents?
  • Do you think babies have a right to their bodies? 
  • Do you believe that the Creator let you survive so that you could be a voice for the voiceless ones?

Abortion is Blood Sacrifice to Satan. Abortion is Murder. Abortion is Evil.

What Sick Pervert had this sculptured on a church
Tranny or Sodomite is Same Thing

If you have an unwanted baby, find a reputable adoption facility. Many great people who are honest are on a waiting list for a baby to raise and adore.

Our Creator told Humanity to go out and be fruitful and created man and woman to make that sure that we could be fruitful.

Unfortunately, the Sin of of the flesh like the vices promoted by PedoWood today have created a brainwashed Society lost in in debotchery and fornication and is celebrated by the lowest creatures of this World trying to promote their New World Order. LGBT, Tranny, Sodomites, Whores, Prostitutes, and the Babalon of yesterday.

Our Creator took down Babalon before and this is the time when Creator will take down the nephelium and children or Caine and this time for good. 

Just a thought If Dogs were meant to mate with Cats we wouldn’t have different species or sexes. If you want to live as a earthworm, then Karma will provide you that if you get to reincarnate. 

Becoming a Tranny, is a perversion, as is being a same Sex pervert. I can understand expermentation when your hormones are raging during puberty. But to select an unnatural existance is going against what our Creator bless you with.

Worse is the un-natural desires to have sex with Babies and Children. 

Two men can not be a moral example of a natural mother and father to a child nor can two women be. The child is bound to not have a balanced life and could end up missing out on a great relationship with the opposite sex and a life that our Creator had originally set out for Humanity.

It is Wicked for two men to sleep together and nasty. Being a a Sodomite has many health risk and also places the morality of these men in question. What else would or could they do to satisfy their depravity?

It is Satan’s ultimate desire to Destroy our Creator’s beautiful and blessed creations. Why? Jealousy, greed, and Hate. 

  • Thou shall not Kill. 
  • Honor thy Father and thy Mother
  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods

God’s commandments are simple and easy to live by. When you live in Love of your Creator and the precious lives that are sharing existence in this petri dish called Earth or Gaia, your life will be filled with wonder and happiness. It is still a challenge but so much easier when you live by the Heart.


Former Satanist: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics”

In an interview with the Lepanto Institute, former Satanist Zachary King shared about his 26-years in the occult and his involvement in ritual abortions.

As LifeNews previously reported, many Satanists believe abortion is sacred and some participate in the procedures themselves. In fact, King explained that participating in abortions is particularly important for Satanists because it’s considered the best way to give an offering to Satan.

He explained, “In Satanism, killing something or the death of something is the is the most effective way of getting your spell accomplished. As far as trying to get satan’s approval, to give you something that you want, killing something is the best way to go. Killing something is the ultimate offering to satan, and if you can kill an unborn, that is his ultimate goal.”


Now The Pieces of The Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh smear campaign puzzle is making sense…

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, Religious-Right activist Dave Daubenmire suggested that “the Christ-hating left” is vehemently opposed to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because he could cast a deciding vote to eliminate legal abortion, which is the source of the adrenaline-filled blood that satanists use as the basis of their power.

Why are they so upset about abortion?” Daubenmire asked, rhetorically. “Why are they so interested about death? Why do they want so much, the most important right they are ever going to have is the right for a woman to be able murder her unborn baby?”

This question prompted one of the participants on the livestream to explain that abortion is “the basis of their power” because “these people are satanists [who] sacrifice children and they use the children’s blood for their drug, adrenochrome.”

Daubenmire agreed, claiming that the left uses abortion and torture to create an “adrenaline rush” in fetuses and young children, who are then killed so that their adrenaline-filled blood can be extracted and consumed.

“I know this is ultimate tinfoil hat,” Daubenmire admitted. “But can somebody explain to me why the left wants to kill babies?”


My discoveries on this case will come soon..

WWG1WGA (dedicated to our Armed Forces)

WWG1WGA (dedicated to our Armed Forces)

By J.T. Wilde


By J.T. Wilde and Casey Johnson

They call us deplorable
and we love the name
They have the bodies in the dirt
and need someone to blame

They got a penchant for greed
and the money to spare
They put the dollars in the coffers
and their lies in the air

(Where we go one we go all)
I won’t push you down
You won’t let me fall
One day for sure we will stand tall
Cuz where we go 1 we go all!

We are the patriots
We’ve got to (trust the plan)
Because (we have it all)
and their fate is in our hands

They had a reason to fool us
But we didn’t take the bait
they want to take us to hell
But we got guns at the gate

(Where we go one we go all)
I won’t push you down
You won’t let me fall
One day for sure we will stand tall
Cuz where we go 1 we go all!

They call it a conspiracy
Cuz it’s their one last lie
But we know who they are
And we got them in our sights

Our knowledge is power
They’re Running for the hills
if the law don’t gettem
Then (We the people) Will

(Where we go one we go all)
I won’t push you down
You won’t let me fall
One day for sure we will stand tall
Cuz where we go 1 we go all!

Q – The Plan To Save The World

Vote Republican

Hannity Interview with Lara Trump

Art by Ben Garrison

Tweet by President Donald Trump

NOTE from the Red Pill Doctor:

Get out and Vote. Get others to be pro active. If you want America to continue on the great path that our President Donald Trump has set forth, then you need to desperately get out and do your part or we will slide down hill quickly. Your Freedom and the Freedom of your children depends on your participation and please Vote Republican. Socialism is the first step into Communism and you need only to review the History if Communism to see that it only works for the 1% and you do not belong to that club even if you are a Socialists Lefty you are only a means to the end which is the NWO. People like Soros will continue to feed on your children and enslave Humanity. The eugenics which is written in stone in Alberta Georgia called the Geogia Guide Stones, states reducing Humanity by 90%. The 10 % will consist of the 1% Evil Pedovores and the 9% will be the Slaves and Food. Watch the movie series “Hunger Games”. These Demons are Sick. Beyond your wildest imagination. 

Your support for the Conservitive right wing party called Republicans is a vote for Trump, a vote for truth, a vote for Christian beliefs that we are One Nation Under One God and very Blessed. We need to vote with our hearts and not let the Lie Stream Media feed Propaganda to misdirect you and continue to feed you FEAR and HATE.

We have beautiful things getting ready to happen with our Great President Donald Trump and he needs a positive Team of Representatives from every State to help keep the positive momentum going. 

These are the most historic Times my friends. Remember that you came here for this. Stop watching the lie stream media, better known as Fake News.

I haven’t watched TV since 2007 and I fulfill my life with projects, games, events, communication and even a bit of Social Media but not heavy doses like some do. 

I have 6 Blogs and each one is different. I love to write and also as an artist it is a means to share. 

I don’t try to Brainwash anyone, I simply share information that I feel is important. I do listen to comments and even enjoy sharing these points of view. Nasty comments do not get posted as they are most likely from Trolls or Negative beings. 

I hope you will enjoy the music below as it is very entertaining and we’ll worth your time.  I personally think these are Hits in my book. Enjoy.

WWG1WGA (dedicated to our Armed Forces)

The Deplorables – Vote Republican

Q – The Plan To Save The World

Click on T-Shirt to Order yours Today
RED WAVE art by Ben Garrison

Remember President Donald Trump is Our Voice. A real Leader who is doing God’s work by Saving the World from Tyranny and Evil. He needs you now to do your part in saving the world by your Vote. 

Once Freedom is lost Here the World will sink into total collapse. We are the hope of all people. So your precious Vote does make a difference. Also Pray for Protection for our Great President Donald Trump, his Family, our White Hats, our Military and all Trumpets (these are the supporters).

God bless you and yours!


Lady Gaga, Marina Abramovich Spirit cooking

One of Tony Podesta Sick Art work collection

Human Trafficking is real, for sex and food
George Soros: Nazi Billionaire, NWO financer, & Pedovore

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Tat's Republic get it WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY , ABOLISH THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT "Because every dark cloud has a silver IODIDE lining", BECAUSE THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND,Your Mind is Your Weapon

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