40 Years Of Arkansaside And Adrenochrome

By RedPillDoctor

Clever Evil, and the Body count continues on it seems. Oh we can be sure the count is far higher than this wonderfully done chart, because of the Chickens sacrificed to Moloch, Jeffrey Epstein Orgy Island and all the Pizzagate parties at the Podesta’s hang outs and Holliweird and the Demonrats Socialist gatherings or Satanic ceremonies, orgies and blood feast.

This chart is rather clever and I hope you will share far and wide.

The beast who do these things do not have a Soul. Most of these Satanic Pedovoves have been replaced by a Vril lizard (Satan’s Demons).

That story is going to be published shortly.

Below are a number of well done Charts and Memes, I could go on further, but for those just awakening this is heavy stuff. Believe me there is a ton of corruption and evil that is beyond your comprehension, or ability to understand what in the H3ll would cause people to be so damn evil.

Hillary is a Rothschild, and Bill is a Rockefeller, these Satanic families are the blood line of Caine who sacrificed his brother Abel.

Being born in a Satanic bloodline does not exempt you of becoming a Satanic witch or warlock, you are abused at an early age to numb your cold heart. And given special training to continue feeding the Devil the blood sacrifices and the Vril Demons who have body snatched people from all walks of life, especially in the higher ranking positions of society to bring in the Satanic NWO. That is what Communism is: Enslavement, torture, eugenics, rape, sacrifices, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, blood letting, spirit cooking, cannibalism, just pure evil.

Very few children of Satanist are able to go straight and become a help to society. But there are a number of cases where some stood up to the abuse and went public to shine a light on this very wicked cult.

You can’t shut your eyes to this evil and pretend it is just a fabrication because it sounds to unreal. The proof is out there, if you pray to our Devine Creator to help you open your eyes to the truth and show you your mission that you volunteered for when you reincarnated this life time. We are the ones to clean up this mess, shine light on the truth, as ugly as it is, but shine your Love light, not hate on those who were damaged. May God receive them back into the Central Sun where there Souls if any left can be cleansed and brought back to the light or for those who are Soulless to be uncreated. And so it is.


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