BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine… Make Viral

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine – Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government is Her Legislative Aideby Joe HoftOriginally Published 9-30-19

Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in Ukraine politics. Her legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from the Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian party life.Young Ivanna Voronovych was a party girl in the Ukraine and somehow managed to make her way into a position as a Legislative Aide to Nancy Pelosi…

Young Voronovych started her career working at the US Embassy in the Ukraine in Kiev. She worked for Roman Woronowycz, the Kiev Bureau Chief, who is connected to Nancy Pelosi. As a matter of fact, he is a fan of Pelosi’s. Woronowycz is well connected with with the US Congress as can be seen from the picture below where he was given a tour of the Capital by Voronovych before reportedly meeting up with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others. He once posted, “Tell Nancy to keep up the good work!” (What is he referring to here?)

Voronovych’s parents are well connected. Her mom worked with the Ukrainian Army, and even received the Ukraine Order of Merit for military and political activity. Yoronovych’s father worked in the Ukrainian Foreign Service and he’s also connected to the Ukrainian government.

Voronovych is no friend of President Trump – distributing anti-Trump propaganda about the Trump balloon in London –

Why is this girl on Pelosi’s staff? Why does Pelosi have a Ukrainian party girl whose parents are connected to the Ukrainian military and government on her staff? What is going on here?******Note from RedPill Doctor:This needs serious investigation. Do these Ukrainians put money in Pelosi’s pocket for her position? I would venture to say so. Are these the spies, absolutely, but not completely? These Demonrats were screaming Russia Russia Russia. When it was these Traitors all along.Does this have any thing to do with Uranium One? Oh I think this spider web is going to reveal alot.This is why PELOSI was eager to use the Ukrainian phone call to the President of Ukraine as an excuse to cover these Demonrats arses by starting impeachment hearings without legitimate reasons. Fabricated bull coming from the Communist Party aka Demonrat Party.The NY Slime is trying to make our legitimate AG Barr look like a criminal so they can white wash their stinking drawers.Oh boy the corruption is deep as Q has stated and our Great President Donald Trump has told us. He has had to endure the rampages of the Nazi regime hold overs and it has been relentless. God Bless this wonderful man. It is time to start the Arrest. If the leftists brainwashed sheep want to keep taking the blue pill, then let them go. Ship all Communist to an Island with no trees and only stones so they can beat each other to death. Make sure the waters are loaded with sharks and Man of War jellyfish. Sprinkle Chum into the water daily. And let them a wear orange and neon green that glows in the dark. No tools.Just rocks, sand and a few plastic straws.Make so sure they have no comforts at all. No toilet paper, no plates, no glasses. Use their hands as scoops.One year will make them go mad or they will repent. I don’t think they are capable.Make sure that it is too far to swim anywhere. Shelter, they have the clothes on their backs. That is more than they have done for our homeless in the Ghettos they created out of our great cities.If they parish, so be it. It will be an act of mercy by our Creator. If they survive it will be by our Creator listening to their constant repentance for however long that may be.There would need to be a frequency constantly bombarding them with love and playing music in their heads 24/7 “Jesus loves me yes I know” The food will be a creative adventure, since bugs and creepy crawly things like spiders And snakes are very abundant in most places. A few Crocks won’t hurt. They have rocks, no wood, so the food would be raw. But since they eat babies.Well that was a nice thought. But better yet let’s use the old fashion way if punishment that we did to Traders and Communist back in the day, or use the guillotines that we have to speed up the process of sending these Demons back to Source.What do you think? Well the crap is thicker than you know… Continue belowNameste****BUSTED!!! SCHIFF & PELOSI TIED TO MAJOR UKRAINIAN ARMS DEALER!!! Hat tip to Yaacov Apelbaum

The DC Ukraine Mafia 4.0

Running for Congress? Short on cash or donations? No need to worry.Now, you too can finance your entire campaign through Ukrainian arms dealers. Igor, for example, will even host the fundraising events in his $2+ million Washington DC brownstone (just one of several such houses he owns in the US). Igor will even provide the catering and valet parking free of charge.

Igor Pasternak luxury home in DC where in 2013 Adam Schiff had a fundraiser

Image 1
Igor Pasternak’s luxury home in DC where in 2013 Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi used Igor Pasternak to host and fundraise for Schiff’s congressional election. And the best part is that you never have to worry about paying him back for any of these favors, because it’s all absolutely free, no strings attached. After all, everyone knows that Ukrainian arms dealers float the election campaign of congressional candidates like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Loretta Sanchez, because they are just so cuddly and lovable.If you don’t buy any of this, then the following Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandra Chalupa linkage below agrees with you.

Where is Igor

Image 2
: Where is Igor? Using the Sentinel AI based face recognition to locate an arms dealer in a crowed of 500K people

Image 3:
How a Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Paternak floated Adam Schiff’s 2013 election to Congress and Paternak’s linkage to Nancy Pelosi Ukrainian influence network in the US.

Ukraine Intelligence Assets in US

Image 4
Notes from the desk of Yaroslav Brisiuck’s the Ukrainain Chargé
d’affaires in Washington DC suggest that Alexandra Chalupa could be a long term Ukrainian intelligence asset

Alexandra Chalupa and Ukraine embassy in the US

Image 5
:Alexandra Chalupa, Melanne Verveer, and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s Ukraine linkages. Chalupa held multiple intelligence briefing and debriefing sessions regarding President Trump with Okana Shulyar and other Ukrainian embassy staff.

Image 6:
Alexandra Chalupe with a small sampling of friends like Michael
Avantti, Linda Sarsour, and Andrew McCabe, and their on-going activity to impeach President TrumpReferences
Note – The medal seen in the hand of Vika Lika in the middle of Image 8 has been replaced with a more accurate version rendered after the initial post was already published. I’ve replaced the older image with new one.— The Mechanics of Deception – The Network, Actors, and the Genesis of the Steele Dossier
— Producing Ukraine’s New AK-M16 Mashup Rifle
— Providing surveillance equipment sale to Ukraine

Alexandra Chalupa
Image 7: The Chalupa family ‘political consulting business’

USAID Roman Woronowycz and Ivanna Voronovych
Image 8: The Pelosi Voronovych (Woronowycz) linkage part-1

Ivanna and Roman Voronovych
Image 9: The Pelosi Voronovych (Woronowycz) linkage part-2Where is Igor
Image 10: The Gigapixel mosaic on of the image sources used in the Paternak face match searches.

Gigapixel source: CNN Trump Inauguration

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