Tip of the Spear

Elvis Presley is the TIP OF THE SPEAR.

Elvis was in the SPEARHEAD Division & also kept a SPEAR TIP on his book shelf.

Spear owned by Elvis

Elvis told us all on August 15 1977 via the WOW Signal that he wasn’t going to be dieing. Ask Howard Hughes.

The HH, John G Trump & Nikola Tesla connection is very important.

Download the TESLA FILES on FBI VAULT from 2019 & see for yourselves.

Elvis, DJT, JFK & Joseph & Julian Assange are all cousins.

The Key is William Wallace Lincoln & his Brother Tad Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln had 4 Children.
2 of those were sent to Libya. They did not die when History said they did.

William Wallace Lincoln became Omar Mucktar. He had 3 daughters. Saidea, Gaillea & Mary.
Mary met Said Issa H Kahlooni and had 2 boys (JFK & Joseph)
(Tad Lincoln was DJT & Elvis Grandfather)

Great Grandfather Abe Lincoln


Is this Elvis today?

AT & T Nashville was a White Hat Hit on CIA SuperComputer.

Anthony Quinn Warner = The actor & producer of the movie “The Lion in the Desert” about
Omar Al Mucktar aka William Wallace Lincoln. (THE GREAT FREEDOM FIGHTER) JFK’s real Grandfather.

Snow White & 7 Dwarves..
Godfather 3 = A CIA SuperComputer too.

Snow White = CIA Computer also Lady Diana.

GodFather 3 = CIA Computer also the Pope

I wonder what the SuperComputer/s under the three gorges dam is called?

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