The COVID Insanity

Meet the Toronto nurse who REFUSED a COVID test and quarantine

Andrew Chapados speaks to Jess Faraone, a nurse who was returning to Canada at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and refused a COVID test and quarantine upon her arrival back to the country following a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa.

REPORT from Andrew Chapados: Sources

Note from RedPill Doctor:

Unfortunately many people have been so brainwashed that they have lost their reasoning skills.

Do people do any research anymore or just expect spoon fed propaganda?

It is rather alarming to see so many brain dead people walking around trusting the guys who are trying to kill them and cursing those who are awake and try desperately to help.

It is obvious that we are living in the Twilight Zone. No amount of reasoning works.

We are watching the “invasion of the body snatchers”. The brain has been invaded with constant propaganda and fear to the point that the sheep gather in their herd mentality to fight against the only people who have nothing to gain by helping their fellow man other.

While we are on the topic of the China Virus here is a great list of videos and links to explore. Please share with
we need to wake the sheeple up before it is too late.

I have tried desperately to save loved ones from the poison jabs but they told me to “F” off in so many words.


We recommend that the following videos be watched.

The first video explains that the Covid test is not valid.

The second video describes the profound ramifications of the proposed Covid injection.

The third video provides a legal remedy for the crimes against humanity caused by the fabricated Covid pandemic.

Link to Videos

There are plenty of videos and perhaps more added daily as the deadly effects of these Agenda 21 Population Reduction Jabs are rolled out with such Nazi precision.

Dr. Wakefield: (excellent)

“I gathered all vaccine ingredients into a list and contacted Poison Control. After intros and such, and asking to speak with someone tenured and knowledgeable, this is the gist of that conversation.

Me: My question to you is how are these ingredients categorized? As benign or poison? (I ran a few ingredients, formaldehyde, Tween 80, mercury, aluminum, phenoxyethanol, potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, sorbitol, etc.)

He: Well, that’s quite a list… But I’d have to easily say that they’re all toxic to humans… Used in fertilizers… Pesticides… To stop the heart… To preserve a dead body… They’re registered with us in different categories, but pretty much poisons. Why?

Me: If I were deliberately to feed or inject my child with these ingredients often, as a schedule, obviously I’d put my daughter in harm’s way… But what would legally happen to me?

He: Odd question… But you’d likely be charged with criminal negligence… perhaps with intent to kill… and of course child abuse… Your child would be taken away from you… Do you know of someone’s who’s doing this to their child? This is criminal…

Me: An industry… These are the ingredients used in vaccines… With binding agents to make sure the body won’t flush these out… To keep the antibody levels up indefinitely…
He: WHAT?!

Your conclusion?
The man was beside himself. He asked if I would email him all this information. He wanted to share it with his adult kids who are parents. He was horrified and felt awful he didn’t know… his kids are vaccinated and they have health issues…”
~ By Iris Figueroa 🍃♥️🍃


You CANNOT make an educated decision without being educated.

This is being INJECTED into your kids, seniors, Health Care workers, Homeless, Veterans, and especially the brainwashed Mainstream Media TV drones (MK Ultra of the Sheep)

Here are just SOME vaccine ingredients.

◾Formaldehyde/Formalin – Highly toxic systematic poison and carcinogen.

◾Betapropiolactone – Toxic chemical and carcinogen. May cause death/permanant injury after very short exposure to small quantities. Corrosive chemical.

◾Hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide – May cause damage to the liver, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. May cause reproductive effects and birth defects.

◾Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum salts – Neurotoxin. Carries risk for long term brain inflammation/swelling, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. It penetrates the brain where it persists indefinitely.

◾Thimerosal (mercury) – Neurotoxin. Induces cellular damage, reduces oxidation-reduction activity, cellular degeneration, and cell death. Linked to neurological disorders: Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism.

◾Polysorbate 80 & 20 – Trespasses the Blood-Brain Barrier and carries with it aluminum, thimerosal, and viruses; allowing it to enter the brain.

◾Glutaraldehyde – Toxic chemical used as a disinfectant for heat sensitive medical equipment.

◾Fetal Bovine Serum – Harvested from bovine (cow)

◾Fetuses taken from pregnant cows before slaughter.

◾Human Diploid Fibroblast Cells – aborted fetal cells. Foreign DNA has the ability to interact with our own.

◾African Green Monkey Kidney Cells – Can carry the SV-40 cancer-causing virus that has already tainted about 30 million Americans.

◾Acetone – Can cause kidney, liver, and nerve damage.

◾E.Coli – Yes, you read that right.

◾DNA from porcine (pig)

◾Circovirus type-1

◾Human embryonic lung cell cultures (from aborted fetuses)

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