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Tortured Baby Corpses Came to Surface During European Floods


Around 600 corpses of tortured babies lay in a Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler Germany gymnasium this week according to eyewitnesses. The bodies had washed up into homes and rivers during extensive floods and were believed from an extensive underground tunnel system where children were tortured, organs and blood harvested for elites to drink in Satanic worship. The rivers were now guarded by the military with the only information let out about the dead children was that they didn’t appear to be from the region and hadn’t died from drowning, or natural causes.

Since July 2019 Special Military Forces have found piles of little corpses, babies born to teens and even preteens in an extensive matrix of underground tunnels who had never seen the light of day, deformed and traumatized children, preteens and teens who were evidently experimented upon and electro-shocked as part of CIA Mind Control and genetic experiments, sexually abused, locked in cages, tortured and killed to harvest their organs and Adrenochrome for the elites to drink in Satanic worship. /politics/2020/04/over-50000-traumatized-children-rescued-by-military-out-of-tunnels-beneath-us-cities-3184076.html

Back in 2018 US Special Forces began training on how to rescue children and destroy tunnels in an extensive series of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) that circled the globe. They have been joined by the military of various nations. Their first rescue was on 4 July 2019 at the China Lake Naval Base in California where around 3,000 tortured children were found. /crime-all-stars/2020/04/over-35000-malnourished-caged-children-rescued-out-of-us-tunnels-by-military-2479402.html

More bodies of dead children being washed up from underground tunnels was expected in not only Germany, but in many areas such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Hague Netherlands, where over 1,400 dead children had come to the surface, as did even more in the UK during these great floods of 2021. Germany Floods: 600 Bodies of Children Found in the Flood? | Operation Disclosure Official

By April 2020 the count was over 50,000 traumatized, malnourished and deceased children who had been pulled out of underground tunnels across the nation by the US Military and Marines since July 2019. The count now was in the millions across the globe, with Australia alone finding over a million abused and tortured children. The operations were authorized under President Trump as Commander in Chief and military generals of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force working with military Special Forces teams internationally including Interpol.

The CIA, Vatican and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were believed to be central to an international Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome harvesting ring (Adrenochrome was the blood of a traumatized child said to create a high and reverse aging – highly prized by the global elite).

Right now there were 20,000 U.S troops in Germany and 25,000 troops in Hungary who had rescued over a million children from and cleaned out a series of DUMBs.

Malnourished, caged and tortured children have been rescued, or found deceased, in underground tunnels beneath US cities, including the White House and New York’s Central Park. Another tunnel was said to run from the Clinton Foundation building to the New York Harbor. The extensive tunnel matrix was present in the US from California to New York, Canada to Mexico, ran down to South America and throughout Europe, Italy (beneath the Vatican and Venice) went over to Switzerland and up to the Hague, and the other way to Israel to New Zealand. The deep underground tunnels were found throughout the Middle East centered in Lebanon, with an extensive system circling Australia – connecting every major capitol throughout the globe. The Underground War Happening Now Part 2 – YouTube

On Sun. 23 May Russian and US military Special Forces hijacked from the Suez Canal, a container ship called Evergreen. The vessel was stacked six stories high and found loaded with 1,356 dead and around 1,267 barely living children. Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal | Politics | Before It’s News

The CCP had loaded Evergreen and 29 surrounding vessels with barrels of Adrenochrome and aborted baby fetuses, Nuclear weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction, plus chemicals designed to cause climate change and increase the number of CV-19 cases. The CCP planned to detonate the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Israel and Saudi Arabia to bring about the prophesized war between the Muslims and Christians.

A trooper who was part of child rescue efforts at the Naval Base at China Lake California said, “On 4 July 2019 at 2 am PDT we surprised personnel at the Naval Base. We took over the base and rescued approximately 3,000 children being tortured in ways beyond comprehension.”

The child sex trafficking rescue under direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force actually started back in July 2018 when over 10,000 US Special Ops Military troops began training for the rescue from DUMBS across the globe of what became millions of severely abused children. Since then a total of over 1,000 soldiers were said to have died rescuing the children and cleaning out the DUMBS.


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Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill | Politics | Before It’s News


Pedophile Ring Investigation Centers Around White House, Capitol Building as Children Surface! – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News

The real Pandemic is Child Trafficking
Don’t be surprised, these are Vril, look up the Black Eye Club. The symbols they have been showing you for a very long time. The human sold their souls and the Devil collected leaving a Vril in their place.
In the Tunnels, our Military are fighting these creatures that are eating our children. Pray for our Brave Military, many gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the Children and Humanity
Child Traffickers want adrenochrome and Child Sacrifice.
This creature is a Vril in Oprah skin suit.
These evil Vril creatures torture children by cutting off their faces while they’re still alive, and have sex with them to get the best adrenocone. They are not human. Did you see the TV series Stargate? The symbiote is what runs the skin suit. The Human is killed instantly.
Tell me this isn’t sick beyond belief? That is Lady (Tranny) Gaga and I want to call her Gag ah, it is a Vril as with the Father (Tranny), another Vril. They love blood, urine, and semen. Don’t know about poop, but Demons love what is totally detestable, so who knows.

Organ Harvesting


2,000 people march in a parade in Flushing, New York, on April 25, 2015, calling for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong in China. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

Time to Outlaw ‘Transplant Tourism’
April 24, 2021 by Wesley J. Smith


The black market in human organs for transplantation is one of the worst ongoing human rights abuses in the world today. But here’s the problem: Many decry organ trafficking, but few do anything about it.
Until now.

The Canadian Senate committee just passed S 204, a bill that would make traveling overseas to purchase organs for transplantation a felony.

Specifically, the bill would punish for a crime everyone who:

What a refreshing change from the status quo. Despite years of ongoing advocacy by opponents, “transplant tourists” have had little to fear from participating in the black market. Not so, the destitute living in the developing world.

In dreadfully poor places such as Turkey, Peru, Bangladesh, and other poor nations around the world, desperate people are persuaded by fast-talking organ brokers and their own dire circumstances to sell a kidney to buyers hoping to avoid waiting lists for ethically legitimate surgeries.

Sometimes these blood contracts have lethal consequences—as reported by Bloomberg’s Michael Smith in 2011:

“Luis Picado’s mother remembers the day her son thought he had won the lottery … An American man had promised to give Picado, a 23-year-old high school dropout who worked as a construction laborer, a job and an apartment in New York if he’d donate one of his kidneys … Three weeks later, in May 2009, Picado came out of surgery at Managua’s Military Hospital, bleeding internally from the artery doctors had severed to remove his kidney, according to medical records … Picado bled to death as doctors tried to save him.”

Organ traffickers operate all over the world. In 2011, the government of Bangladesh busted a kidney trafficking gang, as described by the Herald Sun, in an especially impoverished village; there were 200 victims—people who sold a kidney for as little as USD $1,900.

In fact, organ tourism became such an acute problem that Pakistan outlawed all organ buying and live-organ donations (other than to close family members). For the same reason, the Philippines legally prohibited noncitizens from undergoing kidney transplant surgeries in the country.

That’s bad, but nothing compares to the carnage in the People’s Republic of China where prisoners of conscience are killed and harvested for the black organ market.

Human rights campaigner David Matas and former Canadian member of Parliament David Kilgour have spent years pursuing stories of organ butchery in China against Falun Gong and other prisoners of conscience.
The duo issued a detailed and chilling report in 2006, updated in 2016, alleging that Falun Gong practitioners were systematically imprisoned, tissue-typed, and murdered for their organs.

From Ethan Gutmann’s “Bloody Harvest—the Slaughter:” “Falun Gong prisoners, who later got out of China, testified that they were systematically blood-tested and organ-examined while in forced-labor camps across the country. This could not have been for their health since they were regularly tortured, but it is necessary for organ transplants and for building a bank of live ‘donors.’ In a few cases, family members of Falun Gong practitioners were able to see mutilated corpses of their loved ones between death and cremation. Organs had been removed.”

China has repeatedly denied the charges, while at the same time, promised reforms. But the beat goes on. A 2017 article published in BMC Medical Ethics stated: “The unethical practice of organ procurement from executed prisoners in China has lasted for decades. Moreover, this practice is associated with large scale abuse and severe human rights violations.”

This is shocking and intolerable. How to stop it? Governments around the world need to follow Canada’s lead. That may finally be happening.

The Texas Senate just passed a Resolution calling on the United States to pass a law “prohibiting collaboration between U.S. medical and pharmaceutical companies and any Chinese counterparts linked with forced organ harvesting.”

Part of the problem is that too many of us are indifferent to the suffering of destitute people half a world away. Some of us even celebrate the exploitation. Take the 2009 book “Larry’s Kidney,” written by Daniel Asa Rose, recounting the author’s buying a kidney in China for his cousin Larry. After a series of mishaps and complications, Larry got his new organic blood filter. Oh, joy for Larry!  But it surely is anything but joyful for the organ’s original owner.

But laws can only do so much. In the end, it is up to each of us to oppose such bloody exploitation. For example, if we learn that an ill friend or loved one is considering entering the organ black market, promise to support and love them in their distress, but let them know they will be shunned if they take unethical shortcuts.

More importantly, if we face such a health crisis ourselves, we should strive to find the courage and integrity to wait our turn for an ethically donated organ. After all, some things are worse than dying. If righteousness—or karma—exist in the world, committing the profound human rights crime of transplant tourism is one of them.

Award winning author Wesley J. Smith, is chairman of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times




This post is very difficult for me to write. It took me some time to confirm the happenings in DC. But it was confirmed. I was sent pictures of some of the tunnels and children in those tunnels. I cannot show those pics. It is too horrific. I am sorry I looked at them.

Everyone has seen the thousands of body bags waiting to be shipped. Now we know why. There were still tunnels and dumbs all around the world that needed to be cleaned up. In the DC tunnels there were thousands of children who were half alive and thousands that were dead. They had their organs harvested. Many were half eaten. I have never seen anything like it.

These tunnels in the dumbs were there since that monster George HW Bush ordered them built. and have been used by every president and congress since then, up until Trump. Epstein who is still in custody informed the military about these. Epstein is continuing to give intel on tunnels around the world. The Military informed Trump in Jan. Trump ordered the operation and moved out of the white house so they could go in and take care of it. That is why so many NG were there.

Most of you saw the buses, vans, and cars going in and out of the white house and the capitol building. The NG soldiers couldn’t take the site of all these children in that horrific state. Some of them started crying and just couldn’t stop crying over it. I am crying too just by seeing the pictures, and I wasn’t there during the operation so I can just imagine how it was for those brave soldiers liberating those imprisoned children. I was told that that both Trump and Melania were crying for some time when they saw the pics. They were warned it was horrific, but they wanted to see anyway. When I was in DC I could feel the anguish. I just didn’t know why. .

I have been to horrific scenes before in my police career, but nothing could have prepared me for this. I was told that no anesthetic was given to these children when their organs were harvested because the pain and torture was enough to produce premium adrenochrome. There were adults in the dumbs managing all of this and they all were arrested. Most were given tribunals and executed. A few were given life (I don’t know why) and sent to off world prisons.

I am certain our brave soldiers are going to have to get long term counseling for what they saw and had to endure in this operation.

I thought all the dumbs around the world had been liberated, but that was just not the case. There are so many. The military is working around the clock in rescuing children in these places like Greece, and many many other places. Australia and New Zealand had been liberated a while back. I was told that operation was horrific, but nothing compared to the operation in DC. DC was the worst they had ever seen.

There are plans in the works to bulldose the white house, the capital, the supreme court building and all of the buildings around them, and turn it back into the swamp it was before and turn it into a bird sanctuary. DC will no longer exist.

On a good note. The Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, and the other cabal members have been arrested and most were executed.

On a very good note. Get ready for ascension. It is coming. A much better world is coming.




Child Trafficking is real. Wake up

40 Years Of Arkansaside And Adrenochrome

By RedPillDoctor

Clever Evil, and the Body count continues on it seems. Oh we can be sure the count is far higher than this wonderfully done chart, because of the Chickens sacrificed to Moloch, Jeffrey Epstein Orgy Island and all the Pizzagate parties at the Podesta’s hang outs and Holliweird and the Demonrats Socialist gatherings or Satanic ceremonies, orgies and blood feast.

This chart is rather clever and I hope you will share far and wide.

The beast who do these things do not have a Soul. Most of these Satanic Pedovoves have been replaced by a Vril lizard (Satan’s Demons).

That story is going to be published shortly.

Below are a number of well done Charts and Memes, I could go on further, but for those just awakening this is heavy stuff. Believe me there is a ton of corruption and evil that is beyond your comprehension, or ability to understand what in the H3ll would cause people to be so damn evil.

Hillary is a Rothschild, and Bill is a Rockefeller, these Satanic families are the blood line of Caine who sacrificed his brother Abel.

Being born in a Satanic bloodline does not exempt you of becoming a Satanic witch or warlock, you are abused at an early age to numb your cold heart. And given special training to continue feeding the Devil the blood sacrifices and the Vril Demons who have body snatched people from all walks of life, especially in the higher ranking positions of society to bring in the Satanic NWO. That is what Communism is: Enslavement, torture, eugenics, rape, sacrifices, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, blood letting, spirit cooking, cannibalism, just pure evil.

Very few children of Satanist are able to go straight and become a help to society. But there are a number of cases where some stood up to the abuse and went public to shine a light on this very wicked cult.

You can’t shut your eyes to this evil and pretend it is just a fabrication because it sounds to unreal. The proof is out there, if you pray to our Devine Creator to help you open your eyes to the truth and show you your mission that you volunteered for when you reincarnated this life time. We are the ones to clean up this mess, shine light on the truth, as ugly as it is, but shine your Love light, not hate on those who were damaged. May God receive them back into the Central Sun where there Souls if any left can be cleansed and brought back to the light or for those who are Soulless to be uncreated. And so it is.


The Truth About Socialism

China Labor Camp Survivor Details Government Organ Harvesting

http://youtu.be/T3KbZOVEa_oSpeaking in front of the U.S. Capitol, Jennifer Zeng, a China labor camp survivor, details how she and her family were captured and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party. She also lays out how the Chinese government collects and maintains a database of blood samples and tissue types for harvesting human organs.

Note from RedPill Doctor:These Communist Party beings are Demons. They have no regard for human life.These pedavores are filth and God is taking these demons out.Whatever your belief you have to know that our lives have fallen into an evil existence. First they removed God, then they removed our flag, our statues of liberty and they have been brainwashing our youth to want socialism as if it would be Paradise on Earth, when in reality it will be Hell on Earth.I have selected a few stories here that are true nightmare accounts from some very lucky survivors who left under a communist regime.It it is important for people to understand what is going on in today’s world. Why it is so important to wake up to the real truth.Demons have infiltrated all parts of society. Demons are not human. They have no compassion, they only want power, they enjoy killing, torture rape and anything that is Evil. These are the Satanist Pedovores. They are cannibals and would rather eat their victims while they are still alive because the blood is rich with adrenochrome.These Demons have been on Earth for eons, the ones who cause the wars and evil conflicts so that the blood sacrifices will energize them.We have been blessed to be redeemed from this Evil because we didn’t loose our faith and love of God.God sent us a Victor – it is David who slew the Giant so fearlessly because he had full trust and love in God.

Now God returned his favorite child to help clean up this world. He needed to be fearless and have full faith in God. He would be given Blessings to help him achieve the goals needed. Knowledge to help him achieve the goals that God needed him to achieve. Important opportunities to change the course of his life. Mentors that influenced him in many ways. Technology to help him see the truth. Friendships that formed a bond for life. Faith that keeps him inspired. Wisdom to know when guidance is right and to see through fake information.Below is another horror story about Socialism at it’s finest.Nameste*************WWII Survivor Warns of SOCIALISM and GUN CONTROL! (MUST WATCH)
http://youtu.be/-awkYhtey50Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. The similarities to today’s left and their “progressive agenda”, are staggering! This is a MUST WATCH!*********